Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Generally, I'm not a resolutions person because neglect leads to guilt. Why would I set myself up for such dismay? Nonetheless, on January 1st, I dug through posts from last January, looking for anything resembling resolutions. Nada. Well, hell's bells -- now I have nothing to congratulate myself for. Alas, this is my dilemma. If I don't make resolutions, I have no standards by which to judge myself. If I make resolutions, I feel terrible about abandoning them. This year, I'm throwing emotional caution to the wind, and posting my resolutions for the entire world to see.

... Decrease my consumption of sugar and refined flour products, which could decrease my waistline [this is absolutely not a d!@t]
... Transfer a sliver of my doting energy from Little Man to Wifey

... Find a job that's significantly more challenging and therefore, more rewarding

... Finish the walls and woodwork on Ms. 1890's entire 1st floor
... Rent the machine and blow cellulose insulation into my attic
... create a budget and most importantly, use it

... Knit From My Stash until September 30th (see my newly tightened rules)
... Stop agreeing to craft gifts, unless the idea is mine
... Finish overdue gifts for my Mom
... Sew a new quilt for Little Man
... Learn to use my drop spindle

That's realistic, right?


Anonymous said...

Sounds good and reasonable to me! I think I should give up sweet treats and FOOD. But I don't think I could stick with it. I'd like to loose 50 lbs, but don't think that's going to happen either. Guess I'll skip it this year, but you go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable. Good luck!

maryse said...

sounds totally reasonable

good luck!

Emily said...

It all sounds excellent, noble and doable. I'm particularly fond of the quilt for Little Man goal.

Anonymous said...

Those are very good I think. They may even inspire me to make some of my own. (I'm of the same mind about not wanting to set myself up for guilt over broken resolutions.)

Dorothy said...

Pretty good resolutions. Reasonable and not so strict you couldn't manage them.

Cut sugar back slowly and make sure to eat proteins right after carbs or sugars. It slows down the spike in your blood sugar and helps to keep you fuller longer. The more complex the sugars and proteins, the more balanced your system. I recently had to learn all that after finding out I'm Hypoglycemic.