Friday, January 12, 2007

Drag Queen In Training

Since just before Halloween, Little Man has been obsessed with dressing up. It all started at day care, where he mobilized the boys to dress in high femme princess attire. Wifey would arrive to pick him up and find all the boys wearing high heels, and the teachers claiming that Little Man was the ring-leader. Then Halloween hit, with the Mafia made matching Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes for Little Man and his neighbor/girl friend Lila. Then Lila caught the dress-up bug, collected an entire (vintage!) suitcase of princess bits, and has played with few other toys since then. At our house, we've been hoarding dress up clothes for over two years, patiently waiting for this period of Little Man's development. The time has officially arrived.

The first favorite outfit: pirate hat, and a purple glittery cape (made with scrap fabric by Auntie Carrie). Accessories vary.

Phase two: Large straw hat, purple glittery cape, and small silky black purse.

On Monday, Little Man had a croupy cough, so we stayed home together. Of course, this meant a trip to Nina's house, and Target: two of our favorite places. To my delight, the Target $1 Spot was packed with dress up clothes, so we grabbed an entire princess ensemble. For the record, when given the choice between pink and purple, Little Man chose purple. For the gender-concerned among you, I tried talking him into the pirate and safari outfits; he was. not. interested.

While chatting on the phone with MafiaMom the other day, Little Man was playing dress-up. After hearing his explanation of why he absolutely can not wear his red shirt, only his white shirt with the purple cape, Ms. conservative MafiaMom offered the following insight:

"Perhaps he'll be a ballet dancer when he grows up.

Or ... maybe a fashion designer.

No, no ...

[giggle giggle giggle]

He's gonna be a drag queen!

[giggle giggle giggle]"


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

He is too funny!

My son wanted to be a "Mad Scientist" ... that's right a MAD one. Well he's 30plus now and what does he do for a living? He's a Bill Collector.

Thorny said...

My boys are /all/ about pink.

When we visited my sister over the summer, they fixated on this big floofy pink Valentine bear my sister's creepy ex-boyfriend had given her. She gladly let them have it, and to this day, H sleeps best with it draped over his head. And they still cart it around every so often, hugging it like it's their "precious!" :D

P.S. LOVE the Target $1 area, btw. LOVE IT! I got a ton of kitcheny stuff for them back in December.

Anonymous said...

Little Man is too adorable for words. (PeachPit definitely runs to gender type.) It's wonderful that he feels free to embrace pink and purple. Doncha think he would enjoy a velvet eyepatch (rhinestones optional)? Really, he's just the cutest thing ever.

Dorothy said...

Little man has been adventuring quite a bit in the last little while.

The little Mr. I look after would love nothing more than to slap on a dress with Girly and clomp around in plastic heels. He also loves nothing more than to make "guns" out of brick and pretend to shoot stuff. I won't let him pretend to shoot people or pets, but the chairs are fair game. Little boys are as complex and ever changing as little girls.

Girly slugs it out to see who gets to drive the little car too.

Hannah said...

What terrific pictures! Little Man is just too cute!

We have a big bin of large silk scarves in a great variety of colors for dress-up. Even at 7yo, dress-up play is my son's favorite activity.