Thursday, November 16, 2006

32 is even

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Biiiiirthday to the Maaaaafiiiiia
Happy Birthday to me

Today I'm 32.

And I like even numbers. Have I ever told you about my wicked weird obsession with eating small things in twos? Small things = rieses pieces, M&Ms, pasta, french fries, etc. By the end of the bag/box/bowl, I can tell you if there was an even or odd number of items in that bag/box/bowl. I've been doing it since I was a small child. In fact, I can't remember not doing it. Strangely enough, more often than not, it's an even number. Not a very scientific study, I grant you, but my data clearly supports chaos theory.

And I'm wearing my new Sophie's Toes Blueberry socks. My toes are happy.

And I'm the proud new owner of an incredible skein of Sophie's Toes in Froggy, thanks to Suzanne (apparently she was the "a-hole" who bought "my" skein - oops!).

And I'm the proud new owner of an awesome kit with the pattern for Elfine socks and a beautiful skein of J-Knits in multiple shades of green with some brown, taupe and yellow, thanks to Nina.

You guys rock!

And in the spirit of suspense, I might break out my fancy green shirt and shoes* again tomorrow night, for a fancy dinner with a generous friend who's flying up from NYC to take me out for my birthday, see the new house and donate to the Fund for the Historic Preservation of Ms. 1890. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Stay tuned ... there might be photos.

*the matching shoes are open and backless (read: cold). Do women really wear that style in the winter? Do they intend to simply jump from cab to curb? Please tell me that this resurgence of 80s fashion means that I can wear handknit socks with the shoes. Or please give me permission to wear my newest cordovan Danskos. tee-hee! I'm so clueless ... help!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday! Wear whatever the hell you want on your feet--it's only your birthday once a year.

(On the other 364 I expressly forbid you from wearing hand-knit socks [or any socks whatsoever] with the slingbacks.)

Anonymous said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you!! Hope 32 is the best year yet. I can't wait for 32 - I've always felt like it would be a year of (hopefully good) things coming to fruition. Also, cake!

Jscothammerquist said...

Go Shorty ! Go Shorty !
Party like it's your birthday !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Carve a little time out for yourself and enjoy! I clearly am not equipped to answer any style questions.

Danielle said...

Happy birthday!!!

You would definitely feel like a bumpkin if you wore handknit socks with your fancy open toed greenies.

(FYI, you need to put up a little disclaimer that says "warning: clicking this link leads to cleavage shots". I forgot about the "down the shirt" shot.)

Anyways, have fun. I think you should register the "Fund for the Historic Preservation of Ms. 1890" as a 501(c)3. I bet you could scam people into making donations...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!

WTF with girly shoes? Get on with your bad self in those hot dykey danskos and stop with the scary slingback stories. My head might explode.

Anyway, have a great birthday!

Bostonworkerbee said...

wow! I didn't realize today is the day! I would have said something at SnB! Have a great b-day!

carrym said...

Happy, happy birthday!

I do the same thing, but in threes. I've always thought I was strange but if YOU do it... ;)

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday!

Beth S. said...

Happy birthday! Yeah! :-)

Wear the comfy shoes. With your new socks. :-)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I KNEW it! Should have read your post BEFORE going to lunch. I would have said "Happy Birthday, Mafia!" ... HEY guess what? Your birthday is the same day as my son's (the off-the-wall weirdo one)(sorry, but that's him)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy it ... only last one day.

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday! From one 32 year old to another!

Engranon said...

Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes!

Only 32????!!!! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I send you 33 kisses!!!!

maryse said...

you know what, i'm obsessed with the number 3. i like odd numbers but mostly 3.

someday i'll post about it.

in the meantime, i wish you a very happy birthday. it's friggin 70 degrees out today. you can wear those fancy green shoes without the handknit socks.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!!! Only 32? YOu are just a babe. What a great age.

(Hee hee on the ahole comment--I was happy to be in on that little birthday secret!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a fabulous time!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I have been trying to comment all day and it wouldn't let me. Your blog hates me. Anyway! Happy birthday!! I don't think I realized the other night that your birthday was quite so soon - I would have bought you one of those beers or something. Although I guess your brother ended up paying for all the drinks, huh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

happy (belated) birthday!! ;)