Monday, November 13, 2006

Favorite Things Monday: Dust & Peeps

I am tired, sore, emotionally unpredictable, and so happy. How can this be? No time to knit. or sleep. or eat. or think. or really blog. I'm covered in dust, swinging from a ladder, weilding a putty knife in one hand and a sanding block in the other. I am a student of joint compound, and a master of ceiling white.

Through this whole crazy experience, I've been surrounded by incredibly generous people. HUGE thanks to MafiaBro for an awesome weekend of work and play; Suzanne for an incredible birthday suprise visit and present;

Danielle for her mad sanding and wallpaper stripping skills;

Adge & Neek for performing Rent while scraping wallpaper;

Kat for warm brownies with caramel, cutting them with a corner putty knife, the bar, live music and beer;

Nina for spontaneous eating, precious wees, and an amazingly thoughtful birthday present. Wifey for serving many meals this weekend to many MafiaHelpers; and to Little Man, for moments like this:

LM: Mom, I'm a boy.
Mafia: yes ...
LM: And you a girl.
Mafia: yes ...
LM: And Halle Berry a boy!

[where he got that, I have absolutely no clue! perhaps there's a girl at daycare named Halle Berry?]

Back soon with real pics, yarn porn, and birthday fun. Did I mention that I'll be 32 on Thursday?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your fabulous house-helpers are making amazing progress!

Also? Best. Picture. Ever.

pigbook1 said...

Sounds like fun. You are a doer (as my family would say) That is a compliment, my family is mostly doers so many props to you!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday early! (I'll be traveling that day and might miss the celebration here.) The house is going to be a fantastic present!

wenders said...

Love the Smith sweatshirt. Go, Seven Sisters.

And aren't peeps the best? Well, those caramel brownies sound like THEY could be the best, but you know what I mean...

Glad to hear you're so happy.
And Merry Birthday!

Bostonworkerbee said...

Happy Birthday, from a fellow scorpio!

Beth S. said...

Best. Photo. Ever.


Should I start looking for you on the train again, or will you be stuck in the bermuda triangle of home repairs indefinitely?

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday girl! Have we already had the "we're both scorpios that explains so much" conversation? I can't remember.

You do look happy. Happy and tired often go together, have you noticed that?

Anonymous said...

I loved meeting you all. Glad it's still going well!

carrym said...

Happy almost Birthday! You are just one day before my youngest who will be 7, yay for scorpios :D

LOVE the picture!!!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

But he said Halle Berry is a boy! Perhaps he's saying Harry Berry? Poor Harry, if that's true, hehe. My son would get "he & she" and "him & her" mixed up.