Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mafia-Mom Irish Booty Bragging

This is my favorite scarf. ever. I bought it on my honeymoon in Ireland, 5 years ago.

A month ago, on the eve of my Mom's 50th birthday trip to Ireland, I started brainstorming my gift list. Among the top priorities was yarn (surprise, surprise). Luckily Mom pays attention to priorities, and bought me yarn. Any suggestions for an appropriate project?

Notice the similarity between fav-scarf and new yarn?

My new love: the Kerry Woolen Mills (warning - serious yarn porn. don't look directly at the bolts or you'll be on the Aer Lingus site in 2 seconds flat).

When I was in Ireland, I bought Mafia-Mom a shawl (which I now understand is called a "Ruana") in every shade of purple that was woven by the same folks who made my scarf. Each time I visit her house, I cuddle up in this gigantic version of my favorite scarf. So look what my Mom brought back for me --

ruana photos by Little Man

It's my very own gigantic Ruana in shades of green, which Mom chose because "it brings out the green" in my eyes. She's the best, huh?

One more photo - simply because it's beautiful.

*yes, we got the house! photos/story forthcoming.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

And is that tree on your new property? Really lovely!

Speaking of lovely ... the Ruana is beautiful and you know how I am about Yarn Porn (or books)(good thing you didn't show me a book) Nice Momma!

Bostonworkerbee said...

congrats again on the new house! Yayyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

A new house AND a new ruana? Aren't you the lucky girl.

maryse said...

lucky girl!

those red maples are peaking out here too. i almost drove back home to get my camera yesterday.

Danielle said...

Dude, watch out or I might try to swipe your ruana. That looks so snuggly!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Thank you for the yarn and shawl porn. Just what I needed to get me back to the needles. All these holiday things don't just knit THEMSELVES, apparently. And hurray for the new house! Can't wait for pics!

nina beana said...

hott yarny stuff-

also, CONGRATS on the house.

(said in a catlike, meowy voice- "can we taaaaalk soon?" miss you.)

Anonymous said...

Great booty!