Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stash Busting

I went to a new yarn shop today and walked out empty handed. Am I sane? Feeling sick? Frugal? Being a responsible Mommy? Probably none of the above. I have a stash problem. It's spilling out of the designated baskets and becoming a cherished toy for the baby and the cat. Yarn is too precious for ill treatment at the hands/paws of the innocents. Only those of us with a sufficient obsession should dare chew the skeins.

So yes, I must embark on some serious stash busting. In the midst of struggling with my boredom-inducing Bistro Shirt, I must find small projects that will keep my interest and plow through the piles. That aching desire to start the Rogue Hoodie, the baby Anouk, or the Fiesta Tea Set will have to take a back seat to the stash.

What does a girl make with 10-year-old hand-me-down acrylics?

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