Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My First Sock

Gray Sock
Originally uploaded by The Feminist Mafia.
It was a crazy weekend. First my love-fest, mourn-fest with the Bistro. Then I started my first sock. Wee! I bought some Paton's Kroy sock yarn a few weeks ago, and finally cast on. I'm using a pair of Addis, size 2, and trying the Magic Loop technique on my first real project. I chose a pattern with a figure 8 cast on and short row heels. Of course, I didn't know what any of this meant until I started wrestling with the thing. The figure 8 was OK. The short row heel was not OK. More on that later. Yes, my grey yarn would bore a color-person to death. But I want neutral socks that I can actually wear with my fancy work duds. Once I have the hang of sock knitting, I'll start collecting crazy sock yarn. Then I won't mind if people are staring at my feet.

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