Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mr. & Ms. Flirt and my Runny Nose

Having recently been traumatized by Bette cheating on Tina on The L Word (yes, I'm hopelessly obsessed and can't separate TV from reality), I'm feeling very sensitive. So ... I'm on the train this morning, and sit behind Mr. and Mrs. Flirt. On a recent train trip, I spent the entire ride trying to determine if they were married. Having never completed my investigation, I promptly forgot about them. But today, I'm stuck behind them again. Mrs. doe-eyed 45 year old Flirt was eating her breakfast, and Mr. Flirt was wiping bits of danish from the corner of her mouth. They were leaning in a little too close to chat. Mr. Flirt's eyes were all glazed over, and blinking took a bit too long. They poked and prodded each other playfully. And still I wondered if they were married. Until ... Mr. Flirt mentioned his wife and daughter. eek! But this didn't stop the lovin'. In fact, now I wonder if they're having an affair. Next - they lured a man in front of them into a discussion. Mr. Sitting in Front mentioned that he knew his wife in high school, and that she used to play with his hair during class. Unfortunately, she doesn't do that anymore, he said. So Mrs. Flirt rubbed his head and he purred like a kitty --another man snagged by Mrs. Flirt. Now she has two and proceeds to play with these two men all the way to town. Yucky. Yucky. Yucky.

Are men really that easy? If so, it's pathetic.

Yes, I have a runny nose, aching bones, exhaustion, body aches and the rest of it. Yes, I'm cranky and sensitive today. But yucky yucky, yucky. Even in perfect health, I say yucky!

For the sake of Mr. and Mrs. Flirt's blissfully ignorant loved ones at home/work, I hope that my coughing, nose blowing and sneezing put a teeny damper on their little love fest. Yucky.

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