Friday, February 04, 2005

The Journey of the Bistro Shirt

Bought the pattern a year ago. Found the yarn a couple months after that. After cutting my teeth on a few baby sweaters, this was to be my first adult sweater. I cast on, diligently knit according to the pattern, and after about 4 inches, I put it down. Unlike the picture on the pattern, my Oat Couture Bistro Shirt starting the damned stockinette roll. There it sat for many many moons. About a month ago, I started to cringe at the thought of $50 worth of Mission Falls 1824 cotton sitting in a basket, so I picked it up again. Thus began my first experience with the knit-frog-knit-frog-knit-frog. Many swatches to establish the correct gauge. Many stupid mistakes ripped out. Many stupid mistakes that I'll ignore. In typical fashion, I started to stray from the pattern, thinking I had it all figured out. Needless to say, I was wrong. Sometimes it's OK to just follow the directions like a good girl. So after finishing the entire back, I realized it was much too long. So I ripped out 4-5 inches and made a new wasteband. My poor Mission Falls 1824 cotton has been through hell, and is starting to look the part. But alas, the back is finished and I've cast on the front. Of course, I had to cast on twice. But this is the nature of Senor Bistro Shirt. At the end of the day, I hope it fits. Stay tuned...

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