Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mafia Week '07: Winners Knit


The correct answer to the Mafia Week '07: Game #1 is -- the birthmark above my right knee is shaped like a HEART.

When I was a child, my Gramma said I was kissed by an angel. So sweet. In later years, I imagined being kissed by this angel.

Because nobody guessed the correct shape (and what's with all the land mass guesses?), I used the random number generator to decide the winner.

And the winner is:


Congratulations!! I'll send the Knitting Rules book out tomorrow. Enjoy!


I spent a week on the Monkey socks in the Frickmeister STR and got to the heel.

I love the yarn, and although I had several moments of doubt during repeat #2, I love the colors.

Then a cold spell hit Boston, and I realized that commuting in Massachusetts is bitter. So I put the Monkeys down in favor of a much-needed Jenny hat in leftover Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Jewel. As of today, it's about 2/3 done.

I'm hoping to have enough JS yarn for a pair of much-needed Massachusetts commuter mittens.

Last weekend, I did two lousy rows on the Arwen sweater. I'm the worst KAL co-host in the world. And at this rate, it'll be 90 degrees outside before I finish it.


Oh, and did I mention the mistake I made on the back of the Arwen cable? For some reason, it doesn't appear on the front. Strange. I'm still trying to decide if I should rip it out, which might explain the languishing. Any thoughts?



Wifey is ready to pull a small baby girl from her belly, but has been advised by her doctor that this isn't a great idea. So she's waiting. And god love her, she hasn't killed me yet. So all is well. In fact, I believe she's walking the mall right now, trying to get that baby to 'engage'.


jill said...

Sending pop-out-baby vibes wifey's way.

Love the socks!

Anonymous said...

Poor wifey! Just a little fyi, a nice big O sometimes gets things moving along.

All of your knits look so nice and I can't see a thing wrong with Arwen. If you leave it is anyone actually going to know it's there?

The birthmark on the top of my head is shaped like a kiss. My Grandma told me the same thing yours told you.

Anonymous said...

Still no baby!? Wow, poor wifey!
I love that hat you're making.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

LOL, I knew it was a heart but didn't want to spoil it for others since I didn't need the book ... but I thought someone would realize since we're so close to Valetine's Day it might be a heart. Funny they didn't. Well congrats to the winner!

BTW, your knitting is really looking good. I love the socks and if the error doesn't show on the front ... why rip? Keep on knitting!

Have you checked out my contest yet?

Beth S. said...

The socks are looking pretty good! I'm surprised at how neatly the yarn is striping. It's behaving beautifully!

Are you going to be on the train today, or what??? Geez, I can hardly remember what you look like... ;-)