Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hangs Head in Shame

Alright. I admit it. I've been holding out on y'all.

Indication #1: I spent a good chunk of last Friday with Cate and despite having an amazing time, I haven't mentioned it here.

Indication #2: I met Kristen last Friday, fell for her, and said nothing on the blog.

Indication #3: I went to Webs last Friday and gushed not one teeny bit.

Indication #4: I haven't mentioned knitting for a week, despite being 5 glorious repeats into a pair of Monkey socks in the Frickmeister-STR.

The Confession: I can't talk about knitting or Webs or Kristen or Cate because I would be forced to admit that I've been sneaky. I found a loophole in my Knit From Stash rules [and it's all Kristen's fault]

If you have a gift certificate for $25 and spend $25 on yarn, that's fine. But if you find a mis-shelved cone of some mystery tweedy wool with the most stunning emerald base and flecks of pale blue, turquoise, hunter, and olive; and carry it around, pet it, and swoon over it for an hour; find out that it's $20 per pound (ouch!) and weighs 3 pounds; hear from a well-trained Webs brain that $60 is actually $48 (or even $45) with the discount; and then allow another well-trained scoundrel to buy said yarn for you and hide it until StashBust'07 is over?

Yeah ... that's cheating. I'm ashamed.

But god-daaaayyyyamn, that yarn is stunning! and it matches my eyes [blink, blink].


Engranon said...

You are devious and wonderful all at the same time!

I am also having trouble sitting on pins and needles, but I can only imagine how you and Wifey are doing!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh, I knew it. It was bound to happen. Why else didn't I sign up for this yarn diet? Ya right. I have no restraint. (I spent $85 plus change last night and YAH $45 was on a BOOK) Shall we have a book diet someday? Noooooot. I would be making rationalizations all over place ... just like YOU. *snicker* Go girl.

Anonymous said...

Picture please. The yarn sounds devine. I lurve tweedy yarns.

Danielle said...

Cheater! Slap, slap!

maryse said...

how's wifey?

Anonymous said...

She can't post a picture because it's sitting in the Room of Bad Wallpaper and Good Knitting Books. Chez moi, is what I meant. Someday my camera and computer will commune once again and I'll try to capture it in its habitat.

She was really surprisingly strong, I must say. The fact that she left it behind is the really surprising part.

FemiKnitMafia said...

Perhaps I can work off some of my shame through scraping that wallpaper. It really -is- somethin'.

Anonymous said...


Any Wifey news???

Anonymous said...

Now, if you had given yourself a $1 per day getting-out-of-bed yarn budget, then the problem would be solved. A little slack is a good thing. But I've been slavishly checking Google Reader with the hopes of seeing that everyone is at least breathing. I *know* you have contractual restrictions on what you can say. Please tell us what you can.

Anonymous said...

(this is my ump'teenth time trying to post a comment - my fingers/toes/needles are crossed that it will go through today...)

I've adopted the term "well trained scoundrel" and am just trying to figure out where I can fit it into my official's a work in progress, but I have high hopes that I can wiggle it into my future.

'twas wonderful to meet you - I do hope we'll have more time next time! (there will be a next time.)

My fingers are crossed for wifey and your little-man, as well as for your doula'friends daughter. I hope everyone is warm and healthy(ier) soon.