Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Swap #1
Nina started a great new site - Swaparama Mama - where she swaps her handmade stuff for other people's handmade stuff. I love her pins, and was excited to claim this one before someone else snatched it.

As if the pin wasn't enough, I got a whole package of goodies in the mail.

Love mail. Love it. Thanks Neen. Now I must figure out what to send her...

Swap #2
I claimed a copy of One Skein from Kat's Gimme Your Stuff exchange. I'm compiling some excellent folk and bluegrass tunes to entertain her ears.

The environmentalist in me enjoys this form of recycling.
The anti-consumerist in me loves supporting local artists/crafters.
The consumerist in me loves new stuff!
Good times.

1 comment:

nina beana said...

thanks for the swap props mama. glad you liked your package.

missin' you and your little man. meow.