Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Heart Work Conferences

After 3 days of schmoozing and best practices, I have finished two feet of my Starry Sky socks. Another inch or so and I'll be turning the heels. Trust me that there's another identical 1/2-sock -- I had only two hands with which to hold said sock and take a picture.

Mere moments before hauling my suitcase out the door, I got an incredible package from Kat! She sent me a copy of One Skein, as part of her Gimme Your Stuff swap, as well as a beautiful photo of Jamaica Pond and some wicked yummy chocolate. Of course I dug into the book immediately, and I'm swooning over these pages:

Petal Bibs - possible giftie for someone who might be bringing home an infant very soon.

Unisex Gloves - silly name ... because you wouldn't want hubby to find out that you're using a pattern for women's gloves (gasp!)

Labyrinth Circle Rug. Love it!

Bath Mat. Must learn to crochet.

Thanks Kat! I burned your CDs on Tuesday and will hopefully toss them in the mail tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty sock! Eyelet lace makes me smile... I might just cast on for a pair...

Katie said...

Crochet lesson at lunch Thursday? Looks like a cool book.

carrym said...

The rug was one of my favorite things too! :)