Monday, July 17, 2006

Favorite Things Monday -Sex and Drugs

1) Thanks to our friend/patron/babysitter Barbara, who clipped this from the Globe for me. Love her!

2) Dude ... I'll volunteer for these studies.


Anonymous said...

(1) The Harlot pointed out recently that gay marriage is legal in Canada, and that there are no signs of the institution weakening as a consequence. (2) Oh me too, honey.

nina beana said...

totally forgot about the pattern until this morning when i bolted upright in bed and was like "did she say something about the pattern on her message?" i'm sorry i'm a flaky schmuck- i totally have it. should i drop it off? or do you want to come here and watch project runway with us tomorrow night (tee hee)?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a correlation between compromised morality and homosexuality. after all, i'm a lesbian...and, coincidentally, (or perhaps not so coincidentally) I think SEX ROCKS and GOD SUCKS, and my fridge is full of sprouts and various organic crunchy things. All of this love, freedom, environmentalism and humanity will surely be the death of heterosexual marriage everywhere.