Monday, April 10, 2006

Knitty, Spring 2006

The new Knitty. Overall, I'm underwhelmed. However ---
I love Topi and must cast on immediately.
I love Anatolia which I see in shades of blue.
I feel Tendrils (sans beads) and the Hedera socks growing on me.
Reid would make a great present for a small someone.
Little Man would love Double Scoop.
UnGranny Smith (sans beads-sensing a pattern here?) might be a good work sweater, but would it be flattering?
Exchequered would be an interested knit and a great gift.

-Side Note-
I'm feeling very alone today, with my core value of chosen family swiftly withering, my job feeling anti-family, Wifey's job being anti-family and totally unstable, our family scattered across the country, and little/no support structure for us. Grrr!


BerkeleyBecca said...

Sorry things are tough right now...

christine said...

you beat me to it! i'm going to review the knitty patterns later on tonight, though i have to agree i'm also underwhelmed.

hold tight to family + friends! you are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Chalk up another underwhelmed vote for Knitty. Hang in there, things have to get better.

Danielle said...

Fibery hugs to you during a rough patch :)

I love the Hedera socks and the Reid cardi. Otherwise, fairly underwhelmed. Like UnGranny ... who WOULD find that style flattering?

Anonymous said...

I was pretty underwhelmed about Knitty as well. The patterns (for me at least) were all kind of bleh, and the socks I enjoyed, but would have liked to see modeled WITHOUT THE STRAPPY GD SANDAL.

I'm sorry. I'm a little overwrought about waiting so long for this, and it being full of baby stuff. I have no babies. There will be little to no baby knitting in my house.

Katie said...

You know you have the support of the knitters! How about an Anatolialong? That'll cheer you up, right?

carrym said...

Another underwhelmed Knitty subscriber...Not one of them called to me. That may change, but I'm not really sure...

Sorry to hear things are rough right now. Email if you'd like to vent/rant/ramble or just get some much deserved sympathy...(or would it be empathy in this case?)

Nadira said...

Yeah, usually I have to struggle not to throw my current projects in a corner and cast on whatever knitty places before my eyes, but nothing particularly grabbed me. Mesilla caught my attention, but I think it was mostly redhead envy (I was one for seven years, thank you very much, Loreal).

I was tempted to chalk it up to the inferiority of warm-weather knitting, but last year's spring issue was so rockful... I think a big part of the problem is the preponderance of Tivoli look-alikes. They're very nice and certainly interesting variations on a them, but, damn it, I've made two of those already!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

" ... might be a good work sweater, but would it be flattering?" ... Ungranny Smith needs some personal changes done to it. That pin should be a Frog closure or an Icord loop & knot button ... or something knitted. And that HAT can NOT be a part of it, LOL.

Hey, if you're 'down' and want to talk to a friend that's been there ... hey, all families have, drop one a line. Others don't have all the answers, but will listen & can give plenty of spontaneous advice. *smile*

nina beana said...


Thorny said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling all alone in the world.

I've run into similar problems - love the notion of building my own 'family' out of friends, but somehow it hasn't worked as hoped yet.

Add in that the world feels pretty anti-family (anti-human, for that matter, but I'm trying to cut down on ranting), and well... yeah. Perfect recipe for springtime malaise.

Hope you feel better soon. And too bad Knitty didn't have the ovaries to knock you out of the malaise - because that's a nice way to leave malaise behind. :)