Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Much Love & A Plea

First, some love. THANKS to everyone who commented and sent emails and called me. You all are SO sweet. I'm over it, for the moment, though I sense a larger post bubbling to the surface. In the meantime, let's talk crafty biz.

Since I'm a evil horrible no good friend, I forgot to post the BFF&exGF#2's plea. So here goes --

"I need the help of some crafty folk!!! My famous nanny refuses to use her's your standard grandma aluminum 4 footed cane with a grippy handle. I thought maybe she'd use it if it were more fun. I want to cover it in faux fur along the cane part and maybe sequins or something on the bottom feet. Who has suggestions for glue or other sticky stuff that will hold the fabric to the alumninum??? Anyone? Other ideas for fancying up nanny's cane? I'm a craft idiot.

Now, my cane would be covered in neoprene for all-weatherability in ocean, sun and mountains and have retractable spikes on the feet for ice climbing and traction...naturally the grip would have hand warmers...perhaps a built in pedometer and swiss army multi-tool holder...oh and a big knife would come out of the shaft, james bond style just in case i needed to kick some ass. My evening wear cane would be black suede with a tapered handle and a single row of tiny tiny tiny tiny diamonds slowly swirling down the handle...the grip would have a little hidden compartment for a key, lipstick and a packet of lube for those grandma nights on the town when you don't want to carry a purse and might get lucky. ahahah. fun. mafia post a poll - what would your cane look like?"

So ...

Question #1: What should Nanny's cane look like?

Question #2: What would your cane look like?

p.s. I would suggest super glue for the alum. E6000 and Modge Podge probably wouldn't hold permanently.


Danielle said...

I don't know ... E6000 is pretty tough stuff. I've used it to glue rhinestones to swimsuits and they are pretty well attached. I'll have to think of other cane decorating ideas.

MeBeth said...

My grandmother had a cane made of lucite with pennies embedded in it - sounds strange but it was really cool!

My cane would have a built in wine rack and cheese tray.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said... will hold anything. A tube can be knitted with fancy dancy yarn using dpn and just glue the tube to the top [just below the rubber grip handle]. Wouldn't cover up those claw feet, but who would notice ... it'll be cool!

I want mine like Mebeth's ... with a built in wine rack & cheese tray. Whoopy!!