Sunday, April 16, 2006

She works hard for the money

It's absolutely delightful to have an envelope filled with someone else's money that I cart around to fabric stores and use to buy fun things. Then I come home, make pretty stuff, and know that I'll be paid in the very near future. Whoah! This rocks! Here's the Puma quilt update:

The envelope, downloaded from The Small Object

The paper used for the envelope -- file under 'inappropriate use of office supplies'

The fabric (all from Joann's)

Taped to the studio my bedroom wall. I'm not thrilled with placement of the greens, so I'll probably rearrange those.

Busted sleeping on the job by Little Man, who is obsessed with the digital camera. Perhaps if my 'studio' wasn't in my bedroom?

While I snooze, he takes interesting pictures of fabric.

During Little Man's nap, I make all the pattern pieces.

I emerge a couple hours later and find Wifey and Little Man snoozing. In fact, they've barely moved while I've been downloading pictures and writing this post. Aren't they adorable? [shhh! don't tell her this picture is on the blog. she'll kill me!]

Our Easter plans with Wifey's father were cancelled due to sickness up there. And while I was looking forward to our Portsmouth trip, I can't imagine a better afternoon than this one. Back to the 'studio'. Kisses to all.


InkyW said...

Love the sleeping pics - and shhh, i'll never tell!

Laura said...

Your family looks awesome all snuggly. How long have you been making quilts?

Ragnar said...

Yes yes! Spending other peoples money! Yes! Yes! buying fabric guilt free. Looks like you've got a pretty good start.

Sleep is's...

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Ahhhh, what can I say ... life is good! Shopping or spending time with loved ones ... all great stuff!!