Thursday, April 20, 2006

Harlot Cyber-Crush

I have to admit it, I have a cyber-crush on the Yarn Harlot. She's hilarious. Smart. Funny. Cute as a button (she'd probably hate that). Direct. Self-deprecating. Did I mention funny? And so damned cute? I had the utter delight to see her speak in Porter Square tonight, and since Wifey's away, I'll be able to sit at home in silence and read her new book until I pass out. Hooray!

I'm such a BIG-D dork! Do you hear what I'm saying? Delighted to stay home and read in silence? What happened to that baby-dyke bed-head deep-house drug-lovin' girl-seducin' chica? Yep, she's a crafty mama and lovin' it.

Yeah ... focus A.D.D.-Mafia. Focus. Right ... the Harlot is wicked cute, and she mentioned MIT. So of course I had to make a fool of myself and hoot and holler. Can someone stop me please?

There were even more MIT SnBers than I expected at the event tonight: Danielle, Jess, Rhonda, Chris, Christine, Marina, Erin (wicked preggo and so cute). I even saw Laura, an MIT SnBer who has been to a couple of our lunch meetings. Do you still love us Laura?

So I took my camera out to document the MIT crew, and was horrified by the empty battery compartment. WIFEY!!!!!! Damn it!!!! Thank Dog that Erin had her camera, so we did accost the Harlot for the obligatory group photo, and I apologize to everyone standing behind us in the book signing line. We took too long, and I'm sorry.

Originally uploaded by erin m..

Originally uploaded by erin m..

I spotted some other local beauties too. Alison (who is clearly stalking me because I saw her last night and we have plans for Saturday) and Kimberly (who has the most amazing eyes!). I also spotted Grumperina and FreckleGirl and Alison on the other side of the room.

Boston's a great place to be. Can all knitters live here please? We could claim one of the islands in the Boston Harbor and even designate some green space for the sheep.

Fun.Fun.Fun. Knitters are such a great community. Thanks Harlot!

P.S. On the way out, I nearly humiliated Alison by taking a ride on the chair. I had to! I've never seen one before. I just can.not.behave.


Engranon said...

Get out! I am so very jealous! I have Stephanie's book and enjoyed every bit. Harumph! When she finally makes it out here I'm sure the crowds will be ridiculous (or she will only be way up in Hollyweird).

Anonymous said...

Damn! I was there last night, and I was sitting *right behind* Grumperina. I didn't read your post in time to know that you would be there. Most of time I was hanging with Lyssa and Krista, from Circles. I know what I should have done now to meet people: walk around with a basket of Lindt truffles and offer them to people.

Anonymous said...

Some of us already know that about you. The not behaving part. Heh.

Glad you had fun. I think I'm heading out to Grafton tonight. I'm still a little hmm-hmm about it, but there are too many wonderful Boston-type folks coming this far out west (it's only an hour from me) to not do it.

Speaking of which, let me know next time you're out west. I got updates.

Alice said...

damn, can I move there too?

so much knitting. it must be MIT. There is some scary link between academia and knitting. I know there is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great afternoon. I would have ridden the chair with you. Was it fun?

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

You weren't the only one hooting BTW,[maybe the loudest,tho J][I almost pinched u when u mentioned staff, LOL ... wanted the delusion that we were genius knitters.]

... and about "the chair" ... OMG, I might need one of those someday!

BerkeleyBecca said...

Yay you for having a big night out! Everyone needs to misbehave every once in a while.

M. said...

You're a knitting rock star! The Harlot even posted your photo! And I can say "I knew her when..."

christine said...

i second the boston harbor island idea! that sounds fabulous. plus, sheep dont graze so well in my cambridge apartment. (dont ask me how i know.)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hey there Chicka!
It was great seeing you and spotting other blogwriters that I read. I went around like a giddy schoolgirl especially since Kathy (Grumperina) was sitting behind me. And yes, we met at the Boston Knit-Out and Crochet's Bloggers' Table. I joined the BKOAC committee so we will actually have more stuff for Bloggers! Btw, what color were my eyes? My husband teases me on how I forget which ones I wear.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Hey, did you see the pic christine sent out of you talking with the Yarn Harlot at the front table? Whaohoo!! She did have a nice smile too. Christine sent 2 other nice pictures also , but I thought - 'man Mafia will like that one.' Have a great weekend!

CygKnit said...

You may have heard this already, but I thought you might get a kick out of hearing it (again?): she mentioned the MIT group in her talk at WEBS! Said she really enjoyed meeting you guys.

Now you know you're famous :)

Anonymous said...

Darn- I missed saying hi. I was a little overwhelmed... in a good way though! :)