Tuesday, March 21, 2006

23 Days Later ...

The Knitting Olympics Turtle Update:

March 10th - (blogless) Janey from Nova Scotia completed a Branching Out - her first lace knitting!

March 19th -- Penelope's Got Nothing On Me is done with her Zig Zag sweater in spite of starting a brand new job!

Almost there -- cheer them on.
FreckleGirl is almost done with finishing 6 (!) WsIP.
PlastikGyrl only needs to add a zipper to her BPT sweater.


Thorny said...

Egads! 23 days?!

I'm such a loser. I only have the side and sleeve seams and the collar to do. Oh, and a bunch of ends to weave in. But still! Gah.

Instead, I've been battling severe startitis and watching my calendar fill up in disconcerting ways.

Must! Finish! Sweater!

Anonymous said...


Well, if 3 of 6 means almost done. ;)

I am slacking though- I cast on for a new project instead of finishing up the rest. I suck.