Monday, March 13, 2006

15 days later ...

While hoards of other Olympians have soaked and soothed aching joints for the past 15 days, we Turtles are still working away, undaunted by timelines and worldwide expectations. Our glory is in our persistence.

Within the first 15 post-K.O. days, a few people have crossed the finish line:

1) March 3rd - Kimberly at Some Bunny's Love finished her Clapotis!

2) March 6th - Lars at Norsky Bear completed a beautiful pair of socks, his first socks.

3) March 10th - Marisa at An Elephant's Gestation finished her first knitting project ever (!), a beautiful hat in a stunning Rowan yarn. I think the folks at her LYS saw a newbie and pointed her in the direction of the Rowan right away. Marisa - I know you're knee deep in much more important matters, but can we see a hat photo, please?

4) March 10th - The Mafia finished the Chunky Cabled Sweater for Little Man.

Keep going Turtles!

ETA: See Marisa's finished hat here. It's her very first knitting!

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nina beana said...

holy crap, i love the booga bag! i just clicked on the link and looked at the, yum!