Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I am finally starting my SockPalOOO socks. After a several weeks of indecisiveness, I finally opted for Koigu KPPPM in #141. Pretty huh?

I'm afraid to say it, but perhaps I'm not a sock knitter. I can hear the Knitting Goddess's spear crackling in the fire and will accept my stab wounds as punishment for such blasphemy. But, damn it, I don't like knitting with sock weight yarn. I don't like tiny needles. I'm getting sick of the magic loop both socks at the same time technique. And I'm not switching to the needle cactus either, so don't even suggest it. I love handknit socks though. What a dilemma.

I spent an hour last night casting on and arranging the needles appropriately. I knit for a long ass time, including propped against a stack of pillows in my bed. I fell asleep with the needles in my hands. And I woke up with this.much.progress.

Screw you Koigu.


Anonymous said...

But the Koigu looks so pretty knit up.

Beth S. said...

Needle cactus, tee hee! :-) I love my DPNs, but that's just me. I also love teeny needles and thin yarn. It takes all kinds to make a blogosphere, right?

Does it help if you tell yourself "Last pair ever"? (Say it like Comic Book Guy.)

Anonymous said...

I think the more time you spend at that gauge the less tedious it seems. I haven't gotten there with two at a time.

The balls look much too pretty to be the work of a ballwinder.

Anonymous said...

The progress is more apparent when you knit them one at a time. Just sayin'. Less fiddly, too.

I have to agree with the "too pretty to be a ballwinder ball" comment. Do you use a nostepinde? It is the only way I can can get Wifey involved in my knitting, making her hold the skein while I wind.

And because I'm too lazy and late to enter two comments, let me also say there that I'm totally with you with the crush on Brenda Dayne of the honey voice. How can you not love a woman who interrupts herself to say, "ooooh, how pretty," or take a sip of tea?

Very envious of your freedom from pants shopping. Must look for Betzina classes locally.