Thursday, January 26, 2006

Porcupine & Black Ash

I first saw Joanne Russo at an art show a couple years ago, and I was fascinated by her baskets. Unlike many of the artists at the show, Joanne Russo came prepared with social skills. She took the time to explain her materials and inspirations. I was sad that I couldn't buy one, but hoped to see her again.

I did. About a year ago, I was walking through the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a friend. We saw some baskets and I thought of Joanne Russo, so I told the friend about her baskets and the amazing materials she uses. Not 2 minutes later, we rounded a corner and I saw one of Joanne Russo's baskets encased in glass. At the MFA!! I was so excited, I probably looked like a moron to the staid sophisticated elderly wasps. But, hell, it was cool!

Since then, I've periodically purused her website and watched the prices go up. [good for her, I say] And last week, while wandering through the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, I ran into another Joanne Russo basket encased in glass. Shit, this girl's really gettin' around! And then today ... I noticed that the PEM is using Russo's basket as the premier piece to showcase their American Decorative Art collection.

I love her work. I'm fascinated. I'm intrigued. Go check out her website and let me know what you think. She's doing some interesting work with beads and hooks/eyes these days. She recently made a basket with a -functional- zipper down the side, but it has disappeared from the site. I especially love this one:

"Red Button Teapot"

note: Make sure to read Barbara Moore's quote on pg.1 of Russo's site. Clearly Barbara Moore is smoking too much pot. Just sayin'.

P.S. While at the PEM, I saw the Teapot exhibit. If you have the chance, you must see this. It was incredible!


D said...

Hmmm, and I was feeling proud about finishing my first sock. Artist like that amaze me. And Barbara Moore,uhhhh the quote...what the f*** is she on?

Kellee said...

Holy cow, these are awesome! I'm completely in love with the hook and eye baskets.