Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Handmade Holiday ReCap

1) Scarf for Mom

2) Fingerless gloves for 13yoSIL

3) Fingerless gloves for 16yoSIL

4) Beanie for Bro. FYI - he's 24, newly single, sweet and appreciates knit goods.

5) Purple&Pink Bean Bag set for Lily

6) Cowgirls Bean Bag set for Leila

7) Vegetables Bean Bag set for Owen

8) Bean Bag set for Charlotte
- not done. we decided not to exchange gifts.

9) Toddler legwarmers for Ms. G

10) Cut flannel lap blanket for my Gramma

- No photo. I forgot. eek! Little did I know that Gramma had fallen on the ice a couple days before Christmas, so she was bruised and heavily medicated. Even though this blanket was the source of drinking, swearing, throwing of scissors on the floor, and refusing to gift it, Gramma LOVED it. She immediately threw it over herself and didn't move from the recliner for hours. If you're interested in making a homemade chenille blanket, there's a great online resource. Unfortunately I didn't Google prior to embarking. Silly Mafia. Typical. MamaRoo's Mom made an amazing handmade chenille blanket, which I snuggled under and thought, "I could make this..." Note to self: beware of over-confidence. Always Google highly skilled crafters.

11) Framed photos of Little Man and my Mom (for Mom)
12) Framed photos of Little Man and Papa (for Papa)
- Didn't do these, 'cuz the Red-As-Emma-bank wouldn't allow it

13) Felted clogs for 28yoSIL's early January birthday
- Didn't do these. Turns out, she'd rather have a kit for making braided rugs. Wifey tried to give away my braided rug kit, but I threw a temper tantrum (it was my favorite Gram's!!), so we found one on eBay. Phew!

14) Socks for Alice's almost-a-baby-girl
- Haven't done these, and I'm not sure that I will. Still contemplating.

and the last minute additions ...

15) Hat and scarf for Dad. Irish Hiking scarf, with my addition of a seaman's neckband, was a wonderful pattern that I would strongly recommend.

16) Felted recyled sweater tote bag for Wifey's pal Barbara (stash sweater grudgingly surrendered by Mafia; felted, sewn and embroidered by Wifey). Flower is from AlterKnits, on loan from the library. Love this book!

17) painted chalkboard and wooden letters for 16yoSIL
- Finished but photoless. Not very exciting.

18) 10 painted ornaments for family (by Little Man)
- Finished, but photoless. Cute as hell and much appreciated.

19) 4 wreaths with cut greenery
- One is on our front door. The others were deemed unworthy as tossed.

Bottom Line: I finished everything that was necessary and changed my mind on a couple others. There was certainly a Panic Attack though, so 65.2% of you were RIGHT. (Mafia grudgingly admits she overshot, as usual.) However, Hey-Zeus must have assisted because my hair isn't white.


M. said...

Wow. And again: wow. I am VERY impressed. But what happened to Little Brother's girlfriend?

Danielle said...

Does Little Bro know that you're trying to set him up online??

Nice job on the Christmas gifts. I only did 5 and nearly had a panic attack. Not to mention, I think I ground my teeth down to their roots trying to finish in time :)

Beth S. said...

That's a respectable tally, I'd say! I really like the variegated pair of fingerless gloves (Kureyon?) and the cowgirl beanbags. ;-)

wenders said...

I am so inspired by the cowgirl bean bags! I want some, too - but have no idea what I'd do with them...

And, hello, little brother. ;)

nina beana said...

i don't know how you manage to get it all done. everything came out awesome.

thanks for your visit this weekend and taking such good care of all of us these past couple of weeks!


Andygrrl said...

WOW. I bow before your knitting superiority, O Crafty One. I'm not worthy! I'm still working on the Godamn Neverending Sweater...

-kel said...

Wow. I'm stiiiiilllll working on holiday stuffuss, by which I mean I just started working on the least complicated item on my list. Everyone, however, did get a nice holiday card with a sketch of them wearing the finished item inside it. And did I hallucinate that you're trying to peddle your little brother? I'll take two.

Anonymous said...

Okay, totally late on this (I'm catching up on your archives), but I'll totally take your brother if he's looking for a 23-year-old female liberal knitting library student in New Hampshire. Actually, if he's looking for a 24-year-old male liberal knitting library student, there's one of those in my house too. (We like to provide options.)