Friday, January 13, 2006

Mafia the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Today's list of Pros and Cons

-1: I have a wicked cold. I'm cranky, snotty, conjested, achy, tired, and otherwise pissy. Did I mention cranky?

-2: I just started bleeding. Fuck. Period + cold = bitch-ass-whore with attitude. Just sayin'.

-3: Please reference above hormonal and white cell insanity when I say that my complexion is a disaster! I'm 31, not 13. What is this?

-4: Which leads me to -- I have no photos of my FINISHED celtic cap. I love it. It loves me. We're very happy together. But the cyberworld must wait for my white cells to finish working on my sinuses and move back to my skin before I'll even dream of posting a lovely cabled head shot.

+1: Did I mention that I finished the CELTIC CAP?! Hooray!

+2: With the addition of this AMAZING piece of technological-peace-love-happiness-commuter's-wet-dream to my life, I've been ripping CDs like mad. Currently listening to old school Arrested Development. Love.

+2: I love my brand new haircut. It's ME, not the suburan mom that I've been posing as for months. (I have nothing against suburan moms, in fact, I'm married to one. But I am -not- one.) My hair looks like this:

That's my new avatar on Yahoo. It's a fun graphic generator that links to your Yahoo mail account. I found it here. It's wicked fun to create my cyberself. It's like having a grown-up and decidedly more attractive Mafia-Barbie doll. Weird, but fun.

+3: It's a long weekend, followed by a very important date in Family Court on Tuesday. If you keep your fingers crossed for me on Tuesday, I promise to explain the mystery on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in court. I hope you get over your cold, the bleeding stops and your complexion clears up before then.

M. said...

Aaaagh! Aaaagh! Aaaagh! Tuesday - we're doing a happy dance for you! Aaaagh! I'm calling your ass this weekend.

carrym said...

Fingers are crossed!!! (for both cold to be gone and court to go well)

Good job on finishing the celtic cap. :)

Oh, now that you are a podder, try out the Cast-On podcast, it's pretty great. :)

Stacy said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you and I'm pretty sure I know why! Good luck!