Sunday, December 11, 2005

Skeptics beware

What does a girl need for motivation? A red-as-Emma bank balance and a vote of 65% for "She'll downsize the list during the Panic Attack of Dec. 23rd." I am officially rocking the handmade holidays kids. That's why I've been MIA. I'm knitting and sewing. Shhh ... can you hear the clicking needles and drone of the machine? Yes, I can do both at once. Don't believe me? Well ... shut up, yes I can. In fact, I'd better, because I made the mistake of chatting with my Dad about his Christmas wishes. When he claimed that socks and undershirts were fine presents, I should have said OK. Instead I said, Oh Dad, don't be ridiculous. I'm not buying you socks and undershirts for Christmas! (bad move Mafia!) He said, Well are you still knitting? I said Yes into the phone, while my head swirled with Shit!Shit!Shit! He said, Well ... I could use a nice hat and scarf. I said, Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about Dad. That's a real Christmas present. What color is your coat?

And so it began ... the last minute additions to the handmade holidays listing. Here's an update:

1) Scarf for Mom (DONE!)
2) Fingerless gloves for 13yoSIL (DONE!)
3) Fingerless gloves for 16yoSIL (DONE!)
4) Beanie for Bro (10%)
5) BeanBag+wooden box sets for: Lily (20%)
6) " " Leila (20%)
7) " " Owen (20%)
8) " " Charlotte (20%)
9) Secret knit-thing for Ms. G (since her MamaRoo reads the blog, I have to be quiet.) (DONE!)
10) Cut flannel lap blanket for my Gramma (5%)
11) Framed photos of Little Man and my Mom (for Mom) (0%)
12) Framed photos of Little Man and Papa (for Papa) (0%)
13) Felted clogs for 28yoSIL's early January birthday (0%)
14) Socks for Alice's almost-a-baby-girl (0%)

and the additions ...

15) Hat and scarf for Dad (5%)
16) Felted recyled sweater tote bag for Wifey's pal Barbara (DONE! by Wifey)
17) painted chalkboard and wooden letters for 16yoSIL (80%)
18) 10 painted ornaments for family (by Little Man) (30%)
19) 4 wreaths with cut greenery (DONE! by Wifey)

I'll try to post pictures sometime this week.

Dear Dog, wish me luck!

P.S. I had an incredible time last weekend at Alison's "Last Minute Holiday Gifts" workshop at Three Bags Full in Newburyport. If you have a chance, try to catch her other workshops. She's a great teacher. I started a pair of fingerless mittens for Wifey, learned how to do cables without a cable needle (so easy and SO exciting!), and immediately put the mitts on waste yarn until after Christmas. Sorry Wifey, you'll have to wait. Also waiting in the wings are my hat and mittens. Particularly after getting 18" of snow on Friday, this commuter is cold. Must make mittens. Must make hat.


Engranon said...

You are soooo funny! Let's make sure that we get padded rooms next to each other. We're going to need them.

Danielle said...

Tick, tick, tick ... wait until Dec 22 and see if you are still so optimistic.

Beth S. said...

Friday was awful, wasn't it? I was completely saturated by the time I got to Kendall (we got sent home just as the real white-out started. Nice.) Even my gigantic scarf couldn't keep out that kind of snow propelled by that kind of wind. And then my train (3:50) got stuck on the tracks, so we sat outside Malden Ctr. for what seemed like hours but was probably only fifteen minutes. The train was full of soaking wet, borderline psychotic people shrieking into their cell phones about how they were going to be LATE. I just put on my headphones and knitted and wished it would end.

I want to see photographic evidence of you knitting and sewing at the same time! ;-) Can your Little Man work a camera yet?