Friday, December 16, 2005


I'm a little behind on posting pictures, but here are two items that I finished last week:

13yoSIL's fingerless gloves - my first pair, with all implied wonkiness

16yoSIL's fingerless gloves

I also finished my Bro's hat and one set of bean bags, but forgot to take pics. Maybe this weekend?

*inappropriate use of office supplies and appropriate use of digital camera thanks to Danielle. While my computer issues are being resolved, Danielle has been my camera 'ho. She's very good. I'd recommend her.


Danielle said...

Camera ho, at your service :) I wish more people were as easily amused as me when it comes to inappropriate use of office supplies!

Alex said...

I love the gray-brown gloves - is that Noro?

Engranon said...

Great job! At least you took some pictures. I realized this morning that I had packed several items without photographing them and they are already on their way east. I'll have to enlist my sister to shoot pics.