Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spork & Beanie

Wouldn't that title be a good band name?

I love the Spork bag. It looks exactly like a TimBuk2 bag. So urban lesbo chic. I must have it. Perhaps after Christmas, I'll join the Spork Knit-Along. Note to Mafia: everytime you've tried the Custom Bag Builder, you've opted for a grey, burgundy, black combo, so keep an eye out for Lamb's Pride worsted in those colors.

In Christmas knitting news -- I am an idiot. I had to rip out 2" of my Bro's beanie cuz I was decreasing way too fast. I thought it looked weird, and Danielle thankfully confirmed that I was making a dumb mistake (my words, not hers). So I ribbited back and started the decrease section again. Here's a happy and warm dawg in an MIT window -

For the techical folks out there, it's 2x2 rib, cable cast-on, size 4 Addis (yes, I'm a wicked loose knitter. resist the temptation to make a snarky comment about me being loose.). I'm using the Hats that Fit pattern by Nancy Lindberg which is based on excellent stealth measuring by my crafty Mom. She walked into Bro's room at 7am, wrapped a tape measure around his head, then over his noggin, and left. He barely noticed.

Here's hoping that I'll finish tonight. Send good vibes, k?


Danielle said...

mumble, mumble, snark, *&%$#@, "WICKED LOOSE, and I don't mean just knitting", snark, snark-a-larf, mumble, grumble, [deleted: not appropriate for work settings].

Hee hee. I get 7 sts/in on size 4's. Feel free to snark on my (up)tight nature.

Time for me to sleep more. I get goofy when I'm tired :)

Nadira said...

Definitely a nice band name. Ask me about the spork pope sometime...

I just bought some Lamb's Pride at Windsor Button yesterday. It's tucked away next to the teaching area. I wasn't looking for your colors, but they did have a nice selection.

Lolly said...

Spork is very cool. You should definitely make it!

MeBeth said...

Love the spork - I made one like that for myself but made the mistaking of knitting the strap as well. So far its held but it is slowly s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g