Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Handmade Holiday

I had a wonderful time in Vermont with Wifey's extended family. Those folks are amazing. They spend every Thanksgiving together, drinkin', smokin', jammin' (many are professional and amateur musicians), eatin', laughin', playin' with dogs, watchin' football, and harassing each other. Even Little Man (aka Shy Man) had a glorious time - reading books, gazing at the snowfall, and shouting "Rosie, no lick!" at Papa's overly-affectionate dog.

The end of Thanksgiving triggers the annual push to create handmade holiday gifts. Here's my list:
1) Scarf for Mom (DONE!)
2) Fingerless gloves for 13yoSIL
3) Fingerless gloves for 16yoSIL
4) Beanie for Bro
5) BeanBag+wooden box sets for: Lily
6) " " Leila
7) " " Owen
8) " " Charlotte
9) Secret knit-thing for Ms. G (since her MamaRoo reads the blog, I have to be quiet.)
10) Cut flannel lap blanket for my Gramma
11) Framed photos of Little Man and my Mom (for Mom)
12) Framed photos of Little Man and Papa (for Papa)
13) Felted clogs for 28yoSIL's early January birthday
14) Socks for Alice's almost-a-baby-girl

Jesus Christ*, will I finish all of this? What do you think:

[*is it still 'taking the lord's name in vain' if I pronounce it as "Hey-Zeus" Christ?]


carrym said...

I had to vote for "downsizing" but only because I would be most jealous if you did get it all done in time. ;)

My list isn't as long, but I do keep adding and subtracting daily, so that could change any second...

Good luck!!!

MeBeth said...

Egads! that is a voluminous list. Nevertheless, I'll give you a vote of confidence.

Beth S. said...

No stranger am I to the last minute panic attack, so that option got my vote. ;-) But go ahead and prove me wrong!

BTW, I am very easy to spot on the train now that I am actually wearing my enormous striped scarf. I think I may still not be getting in the right compartment, though...

wenders said...

Ah, we can be in panic mode together! I can't even bring myself to make a list yet...

Andygrrl said...

I can't even imagine knitting that much. I'm still working on That Godamn Never-ending Sweater, which I started in June.Good luck! BTW, can you point me in the direction of a pattern for fingerless gloves? I've got some good cozy leftover yarn that would be perfect.

nina beana said...

you better be ready to help me bust out a pair of mitts on saturday...i've got the yarn and the patience and i think it would make for a funny story if i wore them while i'm in labor. are we still on? are you having a hard time working out babysitting details?