Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm Comin' Out

Lots of changes this week.

1) For several days we thought the camera was lost. Luckily it found its' way home and brought the Halloween pictures with it.

2) Our home computer is officially dead. We're shopping for used parts, but might just buckle and buy a new machine. eek! That's not in the super duper tight 1 income budget!

3) On Monday, I posed for pics with the intention of remaining mysterious Mafia. My insane co-workers held a Halloween party on Monday afternoon. It was hilariously. Here's the crazy pack:

And here's Danielle and me. By the way, my costume was not "angel" but "the embodiment of irony."

4) But today, I'm growing weary of playing Mystery Mafia. For the sake of my son, I won't reveal my home city, or any names. But pictures ... geez, it's getting harder and harder to post pictures without faces. And I don't love my ass enough to keep posting pictures of it. I know I'm a little late for National Coming Out Day, but here's a picture of me (gasp!) and Little Man on our porch last Saturday.

And in Brookline Village on Monday. Isn't he cute?

Yes, I made the costume. Remember the pile of supplies? I used the pattern from his 2004 Lion costume and made the eyes, belly and feet look like a tree frog. I love Halloween.


Erin said...


Andygrrl said...

Aw man! Halloween is SO LAME in Europe. They don't know how to do it right. Next year I want to go as Irony. Great pics!

happyspider said...

aaaw your little man is ADOREABLE!
man... can i take him home with me?
and congrats on picture bravery, it hurts but it make life easier

Nadira said...

CUTEY! (And good job making the frog feet sit on top of the shoes.)

Kathy said...

Awww, you two look so cute together! What a little sweetie!

Thorny said...

OMG, the tree frog costume is about the cutest thing EVER!! Wow, that's awesome!