Monday, November 21, 2005

I Love Being Right!

As part of her new radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio (which I woefully don't have), Alexis Stewart admits dancing in dykedom. Explored most thoroughly in a piece by David Kiley of Business News, Alexis:

"confessed that she had slept with the cameraman assigned to shoot her, and had experimented with lesbianism."

Several questions pop to mind:

1) was the cameraman a man?
2) did she experiment with a contestant?
3) is this simply 'testing the waters' prior to coming out?
4) does she need another lesson in lesbianism?

*A huge thanks to Katie for emailing me the breaking news. This made my day!


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Anonymous said...

David Kiley went to Alexis's house for a Bazaar magazine party. Check it out. Picture of Alexis in here.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic RK! Who the hell is this David Kiley guy? What does Business Week have to do with anything?