Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Finally I have some photos to share with honest-to-god finished objects. Whoah. With my head in a cardboard box for the last month, it's been a long time since I've posted FO pics.

First off -- the Little Man 2005-06 Winter Hat. Knit with a double strand of navy Cascade 220 and Crystal Palace Kid Merino, this hat was based on the Lil Art Critic Beanie. I love the pattern. I love the yarns. I love the tweedy and fuzzy fabric that comes off the needles. But alas, its too big for him. Will I ever learn to size properly? So I'll probably stash this hat for 2006-07, and use the Cascade 220 with some orange stash wool to make another version with two cute orange stripes. In other words, I'll stick to the damned pattern. Stay tuned.

FO #2 -- Little Man Striped Socks. Started and started and started and started, these socks represent the most ridiculous effort to wrap my brain around short rows. I am short row challenged. No amount of videos, patterns or explanations, could manage to twist my brain around the short row concept. But after an amazingly indulgent lesson from two wonderful MIT Stitch and Bitchers, I finally got it. Hooray! So I knit these little babies through an entire work conference. I became known as "the knitter" by all who attended. There were also several requests for handknit socks.

However, once again ... they don't fit. They're too small. Yes, I measured. Yes, I measured again and again. Yes, I was on gauge ... the whole time. What I didn't account for was the annual Little Man Summer Feet Growth Festival. This is only the second summer that we've experienced the joy of this Festival. During his first summer, those teeny newborn feet were downright edible. Last summer, he grew through 5 shoe sizes! (but still edible) I thought it was a fluke because the winter was a little less extreme. But we quickly learned that along with tulips and bean sprouts comes Feet. And shoes. Lots of them. In extra wide, which are hard to find and Expensive. We've started asking for gift certificates for all gift giving occassions. So here are the cutie little socks. I love them, so I'll find another little kid with smaller feet who will love them as much as I do. Perhaps Ms. G.

For one final dose of cuteness, I present to you ... Little Man and Lugh watch WGBH-Kids together. Little Man's kid-sized arm chair was my overly ambitious project for his first birthday. It took way longer than I anticipated, forced a couple new gray hairs from my scalp, but I LOVE it. And so does he. Happy.


Anonymous said...

wow, you've made a chair. I know lots of crafty people, but never knew anyone who made a chair before. it's really cute!

Anonymous said...

i love that chair. and what an adorable picture.

M. said...

I LOVE the feet story. I still want to eat the Little Man's Feet, however, even though they know look like they should be attached to a 12-year-old.

Anonymous said...

oh-my-goodness, that picture is so cute it made me weep! the power of tiny boys, kittens, and tiny boys 'n' kittens together is stupefying. I must go partake of the antidote - the 55-year-old Evil Boss of Doom in the office next-door to mine. I swear, he was never a tiny boy. And he probably eats kittens during his "power lunches."