Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ketchup pics

I have to play a little catch up here. I blocked my AC shawl (aka Not-Knit-Round Scarf) a couple weeks ago and have been wearing it about for some time now. I'll take a headless Mafia photo soon, I promise. As for the finished product - I love it 95%.

It's soft, warm, cute and attention-getting.

I'm not so sure about that last one, not being a big attention person myself, but at least it's flattering. On the day I finished it, a friend of Wifey's stopped by the house while I was experimenting with how my new toy could sit on my shoulders. She said I looked "cute." I almost gagged. She was confused. She wanted to know what the appropriate reaction was. I said the perfect response is "impressive." There you have it -- I'd rather have people impressed that I can create something magnificent from sticks and fiber. I don't really care if they like the end product. I especially don't want to hear the word "cute." I am so very not cute.

Anyway ... the Not-Knit-Round Scarf has a great stitch pattern. Easy to remember (which is especially good after the Branching Out fiasco of 2005), hypnotic and beautiful. The only problem is the neckline. It's big. And I have big shoulders. Yes, I measured. Yes, I compared the measurements to the schematic in the book. Yes, I checked my gauge. Yes, I checked it again and again. But it's still kinda big at the top. I can't imagine it would fit an average woman, let alone a petite one. My advice -- if you make this, add a few more decreases in the pattern to pull the top in more.

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