Thursday, August 11, 2005


I finally found the perfect yarn for my sock pal. It's ArtYarns Supermerino from my lovely and local Windsor Button.

Thank god. I only have until Sept. 15th to finish these. eek! I'd better get crackin'.


nina beana said...

love the colors!

while i'm thinking of it, do you guys have a baby sling that i can borrow/try out with little joey...i can't see investing in one if i don't even know if he's going to like it!


alison said...

Oh yeah, supermerino! At that gauge, they'll go quick. I made huge progress on my supermerino socks just this weekend. You can do it!!

Ashley said...

Dang, Windsor Button has ArtYarns now? Back in My Day (which is like 15 years ago now) all they had was Michaels-esque crap, and a LOT of kits for making creepy dolls and the like. Just one more reason to get back to Boston! Great colors, by the way--your pal will love them!

Linz said...

I think that's my favourite colourway ever!!! Really beautiful - I can't wait to see how they turn out!