Thursday, July 07, 2005

Scatter-brained Mommy

The next week or two will be a semi-blog-vacation. In spite of having:

- exciting news to report about my recycled Irish wool that is dry, skeined and will be put on eBay soon;
- starting-ripping-starting-ripping (aka "practicing" short row toes and heels) on Little Man's first pair of Mommy-made socks;
- actually learning how to short row from a couple of very accomplished knitters at my Stitch & Bitch today;
- buying yarn for my non-femmey Not-a-Shawl (actually called Not-Knit-Round Scarf) from Sally Melville's Purl Stitch Book that I will start as soon as I find a spare moment;
- finishing the pale pink Branching Out (which is not yet blocked or photographed, even though I finished it about a month ago) for my Wifey; and
- selecting a yarn for Assig, my SockPal,

I can't seem to blog about any of this. I'm a Mom to a toe-obsessed new kitten. I swear she's teething. She's doing well, by the way. We're in the process of moving to a much smaller place, which I am very excited about. So we're purging and selling and donating tons of unnecessary stuff. Simplifying. De-cluttering. Ahhh ... the zen feeling of wide open spaces ... imagine it for a moment.

Okay, now add a little yarn clutter, a little toddler clutter, and an overly-sentimental wife who insists on accepting every "antique" that is handed down to her, and then refusing to ever part with it. That's my house. But we're making progress. One cherished item in the garbage at a time. By July 17th we have to be fully settled in the new place. Here's hopin' that only half of my current possessions make the trip. If there are any Buddhists out there, please mediate on my de-cluttering and send along some good vibes, k?

Thanks. I'll be back in a bit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment over on my blog - I'd love to meet up after my move. And good luck with your move as well! Purging material items can be such a great feeling. Even though I'm moving to a bigger place (couldn't get too much smaller than my current NYC apartment), I'm trying not to take all the clutter with me.

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