Friday, July 01, 2005

Boys and Big Knitting Machines

Oh how I love a good dose of sexism first thing in the morning. This morning was the only time in the last year that I braved the traffic and drove to work -- and this is the thanks I got.

I'm happily listening to the River, my local independent radio station. They break for news. The boys at the mic start talking about this exhibit at the MassMOCA. Their comment ... "now that's something gramma can't do." Idiots. My Gramma could. But hey, she worked in a factory all her life, and could probably tear your office-dwelling ass to pieces. Just sayin'.

Mind you, I'm all for boys knitting. Breaking down these completely arbitrary gender distinctions is excellent work. But these boys rely on sexist assumptions as a cornerstone of their work. According to them, the only legitimate way for boys to knit is if they have big strong machines to create stitches, and if it involves engineering equations to solve. And of course women wouldn't be interested in that. Puh-lease. Check out this program and then tell me that women aren't interested in engineering.

My problem -- this is a cool artistic endeavor on its own merits.

It could be pitched as pure art. Let's say it all together now ... Art Without Sexism!

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Sheelzebub said...

The machine is cool. It does make me think of the human endeavor to make things more complicated than they need to be, though. ;)

Make me a scarf, boys! Or a nice boatneck sweater. In a pale green. That would be nice.