Monday, July 18, 2005

Poking my Head up in JOY

My Nina-Bean and her little Daughter-Bean and internal Boy-Bean are conspiring to overtake Blogger. Previously a Live Journaler that never wrote, I'm hoping that her new blogspot will give me lots of bloglines fodder. I adore her, and I promise that you will too. She's saaaaassy. Go see.

Okay ... back to my blog-vacation. If I trip over another f-ing cardboard box, all of our worldly possessions are getting thrown onto the lawn. Don't test me missy. I'll do it! I am therefore baned from Blogger until the cardboard monster has disappeared.

Send wishes for the resurrection of my long-lost sanity to:

Insane Mommy
69 Piles of Shit Boulevard
KickScreamSwear, Massachusetts 06969

1 comment:

nina beana said...

hey! hope things are calming down for you. i couldn't be happier and more relaxed today, having passed my exam last night! now maybe i can be a real person again. thanks for the blog props...can't wait to catch up soon!