Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Reunion with Old Friends

With Massachusetts tempuratures in the 20s-30s this week, my hands are quite chilly. And my Mommy-guilt kicks in when I see Little Man head off to daycare in a baseball hat or last year's too-small knit hat. I have yarn for Mafia-mittens to match my Celtic Cable Hat, so I need to cast on asap. And I've day-dreaming about yarn options for Little Man's winter accessories.

With that in mind, I got permission from Wifey to spend the evening playing in the stash unpacking.

Can you guess what's in this box?

Yarn filled the bottom of one box, as well as two other small boxes, so it felt like an orgy of wool as I dove in face first and tossed wool in all directions.

Although I didn't toss fabric around the room, peeking into this box and re-discovering some of my fabric stash was utterly delightful.

With PMS, the move, trying not to kill parenting a routine-loving child through a move, and trying to keep my f.t. job, the creativity has taken a back seat [no, the big gray Arwen back doesn't feel creative], so my impulsive fit of flying yarn was purely medicinal. It felt like that scene from Chocolat, when the mayor sneaks into the shop and gorges on the window display. Yeah, kinda like that.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

We all have to dive in and rediscover our stash now and then. And I think I'm due to pulling out the contents of my cedar chest. In fact, I think I have some finished objects stored in there too. Just in time for the cold blast!

Say, Little Man's hat is very, very important ... time to get down to business and KNIT. (NOT that you've been goofing off or anything)

maryse said...

haha that scene with the mayor was crazy

Anonymous said...

Good for you. It's about time you did something just for you. And stash diving? It's like going to a yarn shop and splurging except you haven't spent any money. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all that yummy yarn. It even /looks/ therapeutic!

Have fun diving into your stash and having some fun!

Anonymous said...

we need craft time and holiday celebratin' time....soon.

Beth S. said...

Even without the excuse of a move, I LOVE to go stash-diving. It really does get the creative juices flowing when you see all the things you'd forgotten about, and remember all the great things you were going to do with it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that picture of the box with the needles poking through it made me laugh so hard - I found a similar box yesterday while I was unpacking at our new apartment. Can't wait for time to frolic in the stash!

Bostonworkerbee said...

likewise, I chuckled at the knitting needle photo!Your yarn stash makes mine look quite pathetic.