Tuesday, June 06, 2006

12:05am Tuesday

3.5 hours of puncture wounds & debauchery

Dos Equis Amber
Tums (mostly gone)
Trader Joes dark chocolate (yes, that's a pound. shut up! I've had it for a long time...)
my dear sweet love, Ms. Nano, playing my girl Brenda Dayne from Cast On.

decapitation: what happens when good needles go bad

post-decapitation ritual cursing at "quilting" needles and the installation of the good ol' "standard" size

after the 7,000th bobbin eff-up in the last 48 hours

Holy shite, this might actually work!

Still to do:
-finish quilting
-applique one last piece of t-shirt material
-cut binding strips
-pin binding
-sew binding


carrym said...

OMG!!! That quilt is gorgeous!!!

Oh, and Brenda is ALL mine!!! ;)

Laura said...

It's beautiful, especially the colors in the sky.

Beth S. said...

Death by roraty cutter, aieeee! Don't do it!
You'e almost finished with the sparkly stuff, and then you never have to use sequins again.


Anonymous said...

(annoying Tony Little voice) YOU CAN DO IT!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Quilt looks even better in person. You're doing a wonderful job.

Say, that chocolate from Trader Joes... you mean you've had the ' wrapper ' for a very long time right? There's no choc'late still in there is there? No Way! Get out!!