Friday, June 16, 2006

Rocky Islands

The Goddess of New England was clearly offended by my last post, because she convinced Poseidon to surround the Amtrak rails with the most incredible beauty today. The coast of Connecticut was unbelievable. Pale blue skies. Dark blue water. White sails. Densely packed marinas. Lighthouses. Bridges. Train tracks. Trees. Clapboard houses. Rocky Islands.

Then I rolled into Boston, exited the train and heard "Mommy!" from the end of the platform. Little Man came galloping down the platform, jumped into my arms and snuggled into my neck. Could I possibly love anything more than this child?

While Wifey, Little Man and I strolled to the car, I breathed in the slightly salty Boston air, greeted the cluster of financial district towers and felt genuinely glad to be home. I missed you, Boston.


In the wee hours of tomorrow morn, I start teaching again. In spite of spending many post-conference hours prepping, I still don't feel prepared. I spent most of the train ride today cramming knowledge into my head, structuring a compelling lecture, and caffeinating my brain into chemi-creativity in order to design a group activity. Finished? Nah. Never. But I'll do the best I can all morning, and happily spend the afternoon with my wee family.


Stay tuned for ... Photos of NYC yarn. The story of my new studio/craft room. No MIT work next week, but plenty of consulting and teaching prep to do. A misbehaving tooth and the narcotic that's smacking it into submission. Fun times!


Engranon said...

What????!!!! Your impatient fans await your next missive.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Looking forward to the details.

You are lucky to have Little Man and Wifey. How wonderful to have them meet you at the train.

Cheryl said...

What?? "Not what you think?"

I'm off to research alternate definitions of the word "pregnant".

carrym said...

Well, just in case you didn't have people obsessively reading your blog, you've got us hooked now! Is there a law against blog stalking???

And, as someone who works in the birth community, I echo cheryl...what is an alternative to what we might think?

Erin said...

Yes- You must explain!!!!!

Hannah said...

I love the picture your paint of the New England. Makes me miss Boston. (I lived there for a few years almost twenty years ago.)

Anonymous said...

Cheryl said...

What?? "Not what you think?"

I'm off to research alternate definitions of the word "pregnant".

haha! me too.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Nice to come home isn't it?!!

Hey, you better explain QUICK ... you have many already beating down your blogging door here, LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely homecoming! Followed by such a cruel tease! Impatient fans indeed. Make with the explaining!

wenders said...

Enough already - what gives??