Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mental Health

Today Angry Chicken hit it dead-on for two reasons:

1. The Knitting Olympics is in full swing and while I technically finished the two blocks that I committed to, I want to finish the Chunky Cabled Sweater for Little Man before he grows out of the damn thing, and

2. I'm an obsessive lunatic who is constantly overanalyzing life, the meaning of life, my career, my relationship, my son's IQ/natural abilities, my career, my relationship, my musical tastes, my commitment to social justice vs. my innate laziness, my commitment to social justice vs. my need to draw yarn through loops, my career, my relationship, and if my idiotic attempts to steer my family clear of financial disaster will ever actually work considering that I drop $20 on yarn at the drop of a needle.

So, yes, I need to read this today (and every day). Does this resonate with you?

Common Sense Rules For Mental Health

There are a few simple rules which can be depended upon to help you develop habits of thinking and acting that will safeguard mental and emotional health:

1. Waste no time in looking backward. Concentrate on plans for the future.

2. Learn to get your satisfaction out of simple daily accomplishments. A row of beautifully white clothes on the line may be just as satisfying as a burst of applause over the footlights.

3. If you cannot change an unsatisfactory situation, face the fact and make the best of it. Don't wear yourself out "beating your wings against the walls life's duties have imposed."

4. Try to distinguish between the things you want and the things you really need. Often when you have attained your heart's desire you find that it isn't as important as you had thought. Learn to deny yourself little things for the sake of bigger ones. If you weight what you want today against what you know you must have later on, you will probably decide in favor of that which has the more permanent value and get greater satisfaction out of the experience in the long run.

5. Cultivate the spirit of tolerance. Try to understand the point of view of other people and concede them the right to their opinions. You may not agree with them, but if you had had the same background and experience they have had, you might think and act as they do.

6. Remember that real happiness comes only through being helpful to others, so practice the golden rule.

7. Let your sense of humor grow. Learn to laugh at yourself instead of at other people. Look for the funny side of the difficulties you get into, and they will not be half so irritating.

- The American Red Cross Home Nursing Manual, 1942.


carrym said...

I especially love number 7 (though 5 runs a close second)! Thanks for that.

I can't wait to see Little Man's cardigan... :)

Erin said...

I totally needed to read those rules today! I'm knee dip in freaking out about my career (or lack thereof), health insurance, $, and on and on.

nina beana said...

thanks for this, girl.

hope you had a productive day off yesterday. thanks for checking in.

Emily said...

This is really great to read today. I smiled at your reason #2 "obsessive lunatic" because I identify with a lot of that!

And count me in as one who can't wait to see the cardigan.....

Sneaksleep said...

Thanks, I needed to be reminded of those things, too.