Tuesday, February 07, 2006


OMG, I thought my blogiversary was Feb. 8th, and when I checked again, I realized it was Feb. 3rd!! How did I miss my own blogiversary? Damn!

Four days late, I am celebrating ONE full year of blogilicious, blogtastic, blogonderful, blogilarious, bloginess with a delicious e-cake. Want a slice?

Cake designed by the amazing Canadian pastry chef Blair Fukumura. Check out his work; it's incredible! Also, go see Fluevog's response and the actual shoe. Such love.

Once you're finished snacking, head on over to the

I've been slaving away at the keyboard for a couple months, so I hope you like it. After a year of blogging, I think it's a safe bet that I'll continue for a bit longer. So I took the time to compile all the photos, ball bands and stories for every one of my knit creations. Yes folks, I listed all 44 of the crazy things I've created since Wifey taught me how to throw a stitch in October 2003. I've included the good, the bad and the hideous. Feel free to snark and snort at the evolution of my knitting.

To further amuse, I followed the excellent linkage over at Mellow Trouble (yes, I'm obsessed with her), and found the Celtic Chart Generator. It's SO fun!

The obvious first attempt:

Attempt #2

A reminder to me for KY06

A reminder, as I age, that I'm hot-hot-hot in my own mind


Which gets me thinking about

Which is a naturally leads to

This one's for BFF&exGF#2

And this one's Nina-Speak for 'spill your guts'.

Here's one for President Bush

And let's not forget Dick Cheney

And finally, we'll end with something nice and sweet for all you yarn-peddlers who got me sucked into this fabulous craft. Thanks.

Love to all and to all a good [sexy] night. Slainte!


Anonymous said...

May I be the first to say HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I'm glad you're here, and it's always good to know there's a nice butch girl around to shoo the bats out of one's belfry. Or something like that, now we know where your stream of consciousness goes...

And with the shoes, my dear, you are the femmiest butch girl I know. Which is okay, because my GF is a femmy butch too. Works perfectly with me being a butchy femme and all.

Anyway, today seems to be my day to ramble aimlessly in people's comments. Happy blogiversary!

Beth S. said...

Those Celtic charts are awesome. Too funny. Thanks for sharing, and happy blog-day! :-)

Emily said...

Happy blogiversary! I've just discovered your blog recently and had a great time looking at all your FOs. The Tree Frog costume. Gasp. So cute. You rock, and congratulations.

carrym said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Wow, I didn't realize our blogiversary's were so close...mine will be in a couple of weeks!

LOVE the celtic charts...and have to agree with mamacate about femmy butches, got me one too. :)

Anonymous said...

happy blogiversary!

so glad the charts were useful ~ and yes, it definitely looked like you had fun with them ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! I am also glad you're here. And congrats on your 44 projects... you should feel very satisfied with yourself!

Anonymous said...


Love the Dick Chaney / Bush charts. Asswipes.