Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wet Sheep in Shower

I spent some time this weekend soaking, squeezing, hanging and skeining the yarn from my recycled Irish sweater. It was an amazing process, which made me realize how time-consuming, hard and utterly satisfying it is to create a beautiful knit-thing from start to finish. Wifey is worried that she'll come home to a sheep, happily mowing our yard munching away on our grass, with me looming nearby with a crazed look and clutching some scary shears.

For the parents in the crowd, yes, those are Melissa and Doug wooden lacing beads (have I mentioned that I love Melissa and Doug toys?). Until Little Man grows fond of this toy, Mommy uses it for crafty tasks.

For the stalkers in the crowd, yes, this is another picture of my bathroom. But -- I cannot be held responsible for the 1970s vomiting all over the decor. The house is a family house. We are renting it. We would LOVE to strip all this ugly shit vintage decor from every surface in the damned place, but we cannot. I rest easily in the knowledge that we're moving in just under two weeks. My new bathroom has white shower walls. Ahhh ... the glory.

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