Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Scaling WAY back

It was bound to happen. I finally realized that I have far too many blogs in my Bloglines feed. I can't keep up. I can't comment very much. I don't reply to comments posted here in a timely fashion. The other night I decided to read blogs instead of packing boxes to move into our new apartment. With my tail tucked between my legs, I admitted it. I'm obsessed. And it must stop.

My Bloglines account was running nearly 100 feeds at its peak. Now I'm down to 30. I'll probably trim that too. Sorry to those who got the boot. I methodically bookmarked each and every blog address, so I won't permanently lose anyone. I'll read periodically, but for now ... I must focus on other things. Later chicas.


Anonymous said...

i understand the need to cut back, for sure!
the computer can take so much time!
i too, am addicted.

Anonymous said...

hey, i just replied to your comment in my comments..
i'm too used to live journal where you can have actual conversations, or at least reply and it looks like a reply, lol.

Anonymous said...

ack, i was so good for a while, just keeping it two twenty or thirty. recently i found myself saying "luck 111" or "luck 113" to try and feel better about having feeds in the three-digits.. silly me.

and yeah, cut back cut back, it's too pretty outside to be stuck on a computer. ;)