Sunday, March 13, 2005

PSR and Jury Duty

Sorry for being awol, but my son (aka Typhoid Mary) brought home yet another bout of the Poop-Shoot-Riot (PSR) from daycare. Both Mommies were married to the couch and the loo early this week. A shout out to Nina for coining the PSR. 'Tis such a lovely turn of phrase.

Luckily I resurfaced just in time to show up for jury duty last Thursday. What I thought was going to be a long day of reading and knitting while sitting on a hard metal chair only occassionally interrupted by a court officer apologizing for the slow process of bureacracy, actually turned into a mad dash to fill two juries for two civil trials that were already behind schedule. For some odd-odd-super-odd reason, I was actually selected.

Luckily my employers are extremely supportive of me 'fulfilling my civic duty,' and the court is located very close to my house. So this feels a bit more like a vacation than a 'duty.' I'll be doing a little work before and after my jury days and on weekends (here I am, at work...). Wait a minute -- if this were a vacation, I'd be drinking wine and nursing the inevitable sunburn with lots of wife-love-aloe-rubs. Hmmm... the sun. 'Member that solar body?

Anyway ... how in the sam-hell did I get selected for a jury?? The jury questionaire included many revealing questions. The answers left no doubt that I'm a big lesbo mommy. And we're a [stereotypically, read:kinda true] judgemental and opinionated lot. And I am queen of that lot. I was terribly slack-jawed when Mr. Black Robe declared me fit for service. If I showed up to join the Army, I'd be shown the door in two minutes. I expected nothing less from our esteemed judicial branch.

So here I am ... serving jury duty with a "diverse" group of other white people. If nothing else, it'll give me lots and lots to blog about. Stay tuned...

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