Friday, January 20, 2006

Signing Out


I'm off to act like a fool in front of 17 impressionable minds. In the meantime, feast on this:

and this ... 80% finished:

See you in March.

The Mafia


CarryFairie said...

The cabled beanie turned out great!!! LOVE it!

Good luck with the impressionable minds...

Danielle said...

Not even one post in February? Like a shout-out on my b-day? (February 1, lest you forget that we shall feast on chocolate cake that day...)

Frayed Edge said...

You will be missed. I'll be looking forward to March.

christine said...

looks like you went cable-crazy on the mitts! *love cables* *everywhere* *on the floor* *in the air*

good luck teaching! this doesnt mean you wont be at snb, does it?

we can proxy-blog for you, if you'd like. :)

cheers for you, wifey, and little man. sounds like things are promising.

mamacate said...

give 'em heck. impressionable minds, eh? hmm.

love the hat. gorgeous!

Jess said...

Those look great!