Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bistro DONE!

Bistro done
Originally uploaded by The Feminist Mafia.
Here is my finished Bistro Shirt. She is indeed a beautiful little beast. After much frogging and fighting, she and I are officially done. Or are we? Naturally she looks great spread across my bed like that. But once I tried her on, we had another crisis to deal with. Isn't that such a girl-girl vibe? Just when you think it's perfect, she busts out the drama fest. My dear sweet Bistro is too big! I spent the weekend mourning the loss, and deciding who would appreciate a homemade sweater. As always, the first one is not meant to last. She was my first sweater, and now we will part ways.

For those detail nuts out there -- yes, the Bistro is a gender-bending little freak. Previously dubbed "Senor Bistro." Now an official "she." It's my unintentional tranny-sweater. Love it.

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